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Body Scrub


Our range of Body Scrubs are developed to exfoliate and moisturise your body in one easy step.


Use in the shower or tub.

200 ml Jar.

Chocolate - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Raw Sugar, Brown Sugar, Organic Cocoa and Fragrance Oil.

Coffee Vanilla - Organic Raw Sugar, Epsom Salts, Grapeseed Oil, Ground Coffee, Essential and Fragrance Oils.

Lavender & Sea Salt - South Island Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Lavender and Lavender Essential Oil.

Vanilla Cinnamon - Organic Raw Sugar, Epsom Salts, South Island Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance and Essential Oil.

WARNING *Epsom Salts are not recommended for use by Diabetics*

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